Ranbir Sahni, has decades of experience as the CEO of several innovative energy, real estate, and technology companies.  He has overseen the development of 15MW of wind, 5 MW of solar PV and thermal, and two ethanol plants 33 years ago

  In 1985, he was also ranked as the #7th builder in USA by Professional Builder as home builder with volume of $880 million and was also the #4 apartment builder.  Put link During his career, he built over 16,000 apartments and homes in 17 states, of which 50% were low income housing with total value of $2 billion. He migrated to USA in 1968 after having an illustrious carrier in Indian Airforce as a top gun instructor. He flew for couple of years for TWA and started the Real estate company in 1972 with $32,000 in capital with no experience in real estate or business and grew the company to a billion dollar company by 1985.

In recent years, he has founded and invested in multiple technology companies: 

  • Robowind.com   started to develope   a prototype robot designed to automate wind turbine blade repair and installation of performance enhancement technologies 2017 culminating into 2nd stage  improved robot which will be ready mid oct for field trials , it will be displayed in Wind Eorope convention in Nov
  • Microgrid.tech  develops renewable energy microgrids with solar, CHP, and energy storage in Puerto Rico and California.  
  • StemXo is a biotech company that will start patient trials in Nov 2019 to reduce Hypothalamus inflammation by exosomes using internasal  and sublingual techniques to develop new treatments for antiaging and several devastating diseases to improve the quality of life of the elderly.
  • LCD manufacturing factory for replacement of broken screens for smart phones that creates jobs in PR.