About our Current Projects

StemXO’s current work is focused on harnessing the therapeutic properties of exosomes, nanosized extracellular vesicles containing crucial cell-to-cell signals involved in health, growth and other metabolic functions. StemXO studies exosomes derived from a variety of human stem cells including umbilical mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), neural stem cells (NSCs), and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) as potential therapeutic agents for diseases of the brain and spinal cord, aging, and more recently as delivery modules for COVID-19 therapies.

StemXO has an immediate focus in therapies for stroke and traumatic brain injury, often debilitating conditions for which there are presently no curative interventions. StemXO plans to begin first-in-human patient trials using its platform therapeutics in 2021.

Our platform technology is based on a large and growing body of scientific literature supporting the therapeutic efficacy of exosomes derived from a variety of stem cell types in reducing inflammation and promoting endogenous mechanisms of healing in response to injury in multiple organs including the brain. MSCs have received particular attention due to the relative ease of obtaining purified exosomes in large numbers and their demonstrated efficacy in a number of therapeutic applications. However, at StemXO we are additionally investigating less widely-studied stem cell as well as supporting cell types which are able to confer unique healing properties, especially through synergistic effects in combined therapies.

Our research is also pursuing novel lines of investigation guided by a growing body of evidence demonstrating that stem cells naturally occurring within specific niches in the body throughout life play a critical role in protecting the brain and other organs against chronic elevations in inflammation, a damaging process that has been linked to the development of many age-associated and neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, exosomes secreted by these stem cells in younger, healthy individuals have been identified as playing a key role in protecting the nervous and other physiological systems against the development of these pathologies. A major direction of StemXO is also aiming to investigate the poorly-understood etiology of chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis and myasthenia gravis  often debilitating conditions for which there remain no curative treatments.

As biological components naturally occurring within the body to serve the function of cell-to-cell signaling, exosomes are also ideally suited to deliver engineered therapeutic cargoes to cells to target a disease of interest. StemXO, with collaborators led by Dr. Nigel McMillan, Director of Infectious Diseases and Immunology at the Menzies Health Institute of Australia’s Griffith University, are currently utilizing this strategy as a platform for newly-developed, viral-targeted therapies to treat COVID-19.

Meet our CEO

Ranbir Sahni

Ranbir Sahni, has decades of experience as the CEO of several innovative energy, real estate, and technology companies.  He has overseen the development of 15MW of wind, 5 MW of solar PV and thermal, and two ethanol plants 33 years ago

In 1985, he was also ranked as the #7th builder in USA by Professional Builder as home builder with volume of $880 million and was also the #4 apartment builder.  Put link During his career, he built over 16,000 apartments and homes in 17 states, of which 50% were low income housing with total value of $2 billion. He migrated to USA in 1968 after having an illustrious carrier in Indian Air Force as a top gun instructor. He flew for couple of years for TWA and started the Real estate company in 1972 with $32,000 in capital with no experience in real estate or business and grew the company to a billion dollar company by 1985.

In recent years, he has founded and invested in multiple technology companies: 

  • Robowind.com  started to developed  a prototype robot designed to automate wind turbine blade repair and installation of performance enhancement technologies 2017 culminating into 2nd stage  improved robot which will be ready 4th quarter of 2020 for onshore field trials and 1st quarter 2021 for offshore trials and marketing will start mid year 2021.
  • Microgrid.tech  develops renewable energy microgrids with solar, CHP, and energy storage which does not need back up. At present we are soliciting projects  in Puerto Rico and California.  
  • StemXo is a biotech company that will start  phase 1 patient trials in collaboration with Griffith university AUS  in Dec 2019 to reduce Hypothalamus inflammation by exosomes including treatment for TBI and stroke initially with NSC and later  using internasal  and sublingual techniques resulting in  new treatments for anti-aging and several devastating diseases to improve the quality of life of the elderly.
  • LCD manufacturing factory has been built  for replacement of broken screens for smart phones that create jobs in PR. It had to be shut down during lock down and we are working on restarting it as soon as parts from China are available . Our patented LED  grow light business which has been shut down due to Covid and it will be restarted as soon as COVID permits it.
  • LEDBloom State of art special spectrum grow light for MJ and vertical gardens to increase production and reduce ,electrical consumption ,water and nutritional  consumption.